Did my ex-husband, Akshara, reincarnate as my doberman, Rakshana?

old pictures 1704I like to identify myself as being a kind and empathetic person, yet one day I found myself beating the c%#p out of my tethered and muzzled doberman.

Some months later, Rakshana, a handsome, red doberman with floppy ears and an uncropped tail bounded up to meet our guest, Maitreya Prabhu. “Meet Akshara, my ex-husband”, I told Maitreya. He scoffed, “that’s crazy, devotees don’t become dogs.”

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Birdy Bird

Birdy Bird’s life was not natural or normal. He was a pigeon. Pigeons always lay exactly two eggs, and if both eggs hatch, the parents both participate in rearing the two squeakers until they are able to fend for themselves, a process that takes about a month. Somehow or other, Birdy Bird’s parents 3 eggscommitted a mathematical error and produced 3 eggs, hatching three chicks. His parents cared for the three chicks, vomiting into their squeaky throats several times a day to keep them nourished for about a week. Then, apparently, they got around to counting their brood and discovered the mistake.

I found Birdy Bird on the floor of the loft, almost dead due to being exposed to the chill of the earlybirdy bird Autumn air. I picked him up and although he was hideously ugly being nearly naked and embryonic-looking,
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Protected: Prabhupada Farm Festival, July 27-29

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What a Simple Living, High Thinking lifestyle has Taught me about Mystic Powers

**Please note that I’ve gotten some feedback about this article that some people feel that they’re being subtly attacked while reading it.  You may feel itching sensations or pinprick sensations in different parts of your body.**

As an analytical person, I’ve always been interested to understand the mechanics of
mystic powers.  Reading in the Srimad Bhagavatam about how yogis are able to travel on sun rays or grab an object from miles away captured my imagination and for years I wondered how they did it. In the early 80s I was in front of the Krsna-Balaram temple in Vrndavan, outside of the gates, and a man was collecting a good amount of money from a gathering crowd. The paani wala told me, “you watch, it is mesmerizing.”  Sure enough, the man collecting the money selected a teen-aged volunteer who weighed about 60 lbs. and had him lie down on a chaddar on the dirt road.  The crowd gathered around and, after a few seconds, the young boy levitated about 2 feet off the ground.  The boy’s body wasn’t level, like any respectable Hollywood levitation and didn’t last as long, either:  after an instant the poor boy fell unceremoniously to the ground.  But the crowd was pleased and thought that they got their money’s worth.  What I had seen was an actual mystic levitation because there was no possibility that any props could have been erected in that dusty street that was almost continuously traversed by rickshaws, horse carts, bicycles and people.  I remember thinking at the time, “I hope that one day I’ll understand how to do that.”

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Simple Living and High Thinking: The Second Half of Srila Prabhupada’s Mission

prabhupadaIt’s no secret that Srila Prabhupada wants the devotees to develop rural communities where they produce their necessities while centering their lives around Krsna.  That concept is right in the original articles of incorporation for ISKCON, purpose #6:  “To bring the members closer together for the purpose of teaching a simpler, more natural way of life.”  Indeed one of the first things that Srila Prabhupada did after starting his movement was to establish the first farm community, New Vrndavana, in West Virginia.  And on his death bed, unable to even rise his arm, he spoke about the necessity for people to live in a sattvic environment by associating in a varnashrama community. Many older devotees who had close personal association with Srila Prabhupada have confirmed that Srila Prabhupada considered the establishment of self-sufficient communities based on the concept of simple living and high thinking, and organized according to the principles of varnashram dharma, to be the 2nd half of his mission.”

Here is what Srila Prabhupada said regarding lifestyle:

 Prabhupada: If you open farm for financial help, then it will not be successful. You should take to farming for supporting yourself. That’s all. Grow your own food. Grow your own cloth. There is no need of financial help from outside. You get your food grains sufficiently, rice, dahl, wheat, vegetables, milk, sugar. Bas You get everything. From these five, six items you should be economically free. That you have to do, not for trade to get money. Then it will be failure. (Conversation, October 28, 1975)

Let us take a closer look at Srila Prabhupada’s guidelines for how he wants us to live together, insulated from the ways and means of the world. Srila Prabhupada is telling us not to farm for export and financial gain, but only for the purpose of self-sufficiency. “There is no need of financial help from outside”. We should simply grow

newsletter 042217 013

Utilizing the assistance of oxen is a foundation of a SLHT lifestyle

food and obtain milk from the cows to supply our own needs, and in that way “you should be economically free”.  In other words, we should not be concerned with the accumulation of financial assets.  The more we aspire for the acquisitions that are in vogue in the misdirected materialistic society, the more we will compromise the principles of simple living and high thinking. By being satisfied with the simple life that nature provides, we can proceed most directly on the path back to home, back to Godhead. This instruction of Srila Prabhupada has to understood with conviction. As long as we want to have the best of both worlds, we will return here birth after birth. We have to make a sober choice. We go into the world to preach, and for no other reason. But to cultivate our Krishna consciousness in Krishna conscious communities, we are not instructed to integrate, but rather to insulate……..to insulate ourselves from the ways and means of the world, and embrace the life of simple living and high thinking. Continue reading

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“Farm Surplus” stand opens, catching a bee swarm, Ra Ra’s skin condition, patty mats, Help!

Here are the latest pictures from New Nandagram with more detailed information below:

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  1. & 2.  We decided to open a Farm Surplus stand for several reasons.  For one, we really do have more plant starts, dairy products and wood working items than we need.  We also are interested in introducing neighbors and tourists to our project in hopes that others will be interested in participating.  The last two photographs in this slide show are of the brochure we hand out.  We also have Srila Prabhupada’s books available.  Our first visitors to the stand happened to be from Bangladesh and they were able to experience milking a cow, riding a horse and taking prasadam.  We hope to see a lot more of them in the future.

3.  Ra Ra has an itchy, scaly rash, possibly from the very wet weather, exacerbated by his nylon collar (removed).  I’ve treated it with cow pee and we’ll see how it responds.

4.  & 5. Billy alerted me to the presence of a large swarm of honey bees who decided to inhabit an empty topbar hive.  They got right to work.  This is our second swarm caught passively this year.

6. We take a daily japa walk by Riffe Lake (about a half mile away) and the whole area currently has a beautiful aroma from all the clover.

8. Almost every year I have to raise baby starlings who are pushed out of their nests by cowbirds, a parasite.  At first we returned the baby starlings, but soon found that the parasites just pushed them out again.  So now I raise them and release them when they’re grown.  We have one failure, Snarky, who didn’t want to be a wild bird, so she sings to us inside.

9. Clouds lining up like this are increasingly common, yet I haven’t been able to find examples of such clouds in old paintings.  So it might be a fairly new phenomena, perhaps caused by gravity waves or HAARP.

12.  I wrote an article about a gardening method that was accepted by Mother Earth News Magazine.  It is in the current edition.  Basically I lay straw or old hay on the ground and slather it with a slurry made of cow pies.  The slurry dries into a hard mat that it almost impenetrable to weeds and holds water, so I basically don’t have to water my outside plots at all.  Or weed very much.  All thanks to our generous cows and a little garden serendipity.

Help!:  Although our cows are currently fat and happy eating lush pasture, we will need to feed them hay for about 150 days this winter when the pasture doesn’t grow.  In the future we’re hoping to have a community that works the oxen to harvest hay, but currently we do have to rely on purchasing hay from a local hay farmer.  They eat about 6 bales/day (for the herd of 9 cows), so we’re looking at spending close to $5,000 this year to buy hay.  Unfortunately our coffers are completely empty and so we’re going to have to rely on Krsna for a miracle to be able to feed the cows this year.  I was just reading that Krsna is very kind when he makes an aspiring devotee depend on Him, so Krsna is being especially kind and additionally making us experience the humility of begging.  If anyone reading this wants to donate to a legitimate project that is pleasing to Srila Prabhupada, I am confident that our project is in line with Srila Prabhupada’s desires for the 2nd half of his mission.  In fact I can’t think of many other projects where devotees are protecting cows, endeavoring to produce their own necessities, striving to start a community and following an unchanged philosophy.

In the First Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, Maharaja Yudhistira asks Arjuna is the cause of his distress is due to being unable to give charity when asked.  If you are reading this and are unable to help, this plea was not meant to cause any distress.  However if you are reading this and able to help, we truly need it.  We do have some plans to sell some assets such as our horse trailer, but we’d prefer to be able to keep the trailer so that if we have to move a large animal in an emergency or want to take oxen to a parade, etc., we’ll be able to do so.  The hay will be harvested in the coming weeks and if they can load it directly into our barn the price is much lower than if they have to move it twice.

If you are interested in helping (any amount is appreciated), checks can be sent to: Anuttama Budd, 151 Anderson Rd., Glenoma, WA 98338 or Paypal: anuttamadd@gmail.com  For more information, call: 360-496-0058


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First slugathon of the year, new pasture, rooster becomes hen, hang glider meets eagles: this week’s pictures from New Nandagram


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