Strategies for Siezing the Coming Opportunity

Note: If you are in denial about the present situation, please do not read this article. I am in the healing phase of a special biological program and feel harm when I unnecessarily disturb people’s minds. This article is not intended for devotees who believe the narrative being promoted by the mainstream media and world governments. It is intended for devotees who want to be empowered to install varnashrama on the ashes of the collapsing materialistic civilization
Very soon most of us will encounter a situation in which what we consider to be necessities will be unavailable. I’m not going to waste space and energy to substantiate this claim because at this point it is obvious that a collapse is occurring. Anyone who is not under the hypnosis of the mainstream narrative understands that the demise of the materialistic civilization predicted by Srila Prabhupada is almost here. The intention of this paper is to explore ways to get the people living around us, wherever we may be, to help Srila Prabhupada spread Krsna consciousness. This paper is intended to fuel thought in devotees for when they are in a situation in which gasoline and groceries have likely become a thing of the past.


An author is someone who writes a story. An author(ity) is someone who derives power from that story. As followers of Srila Prabhupada, we have been given the most wonderful story to write (the implementation of varnashrama) and we will be writing it in a very favorable environment. Let’s seize that power and become empowered!Of the four kinds of pious people who surrender to Krsna, we can expect to encounter a saturated population in the “distressed” category. When people realize that their kids’ soccer is cancelled permanently, that they are going to have to get by on the food already in their pantry (or produce some), that there are no more pharma meds or doctor visits, and that money is just paper (or an entry on a computer), it will probably be enough of a shock to make them physically ill. Because we’ve just experienced the modern-day equivalent of a siege (constant log-grade fear), when reality hits, many people will suffer the diseases that always follow war/sieges: typhoid, cholera and smallpox. (After starting writing this article, suddenly there are supposedly cases of “monkeypox” popping up all over NATO countries. Monkeypox symptoms are identical to smallpox, interestingly and the disease is diagnosed using the PCR test.)

One of the first ways we can establish authority is to mobilize our neighbors to care for one another until the disease phase passes. This could be done by going door to door, connecting with the individual neighbors and asking what they need and what they can do/have to offer for others. The idea should be that the devotees should assert that we all have a degree of responsibility for the health and safety of those around us. We shouldn’t over burden ourselves with physically caring for others, but we should try to encourage everyone to do what they can to mitigate the situation.

Most people believe the germ theory (refuted by Srila Prabhupada) that is promoted by the demons who run the health care (sic) industry, but devotees don’t have to be burdened by the faulty germ theory and can avoid becoming ill by understanding the cause of the illness. Or, if they do trigger a special biological program such as monkeypox/smallpox, they will understand the course of the disease, and will be able to get through it, becoming stronger from the experience. Even the most common form of smallpox is only 40% fatal, if the patient is given support. If we understand the cause and course of dis-ease, we will be able to help others without fear. (I could write a book (and may do) on this subject from my realizations springing from my decision to let my breast tumor run a normal course without intervention from the medical industry.)

Security is one of the four basic necessities of an embodied soul and as this collapse progresses, people’s normal sense of security will be challenged. As devotees, we know that some people have the mental and physical predisposition to protect others from harm. Ksatriya means literally to protect from harm, so one way we can establish authority is to recognize and empower the ksatirya-inclined karmis in our immediate neighborhood. I’ve already identified the ksatriya-inclined people in my immediate neighborhood and when the collapse brings ordinary life to a standstill, I intend to work with them to establish and maintain a safe perimeter for our neighborhood. The ksatriya group can devise security protocols such as loud bells to let others in the neighborhood know if there is an active security issue.

Ownership of property will be an issue that will arise when many people succumb to the illnesses that have been devised by the demons. While there will likely not be a lack of resources, as devotees, we should assert that all property belongs to God. If there is abandoned property, the devotees can work with the community to figure out a civilized way to distribute the abandoned property without giving away the rights of the valid heirs. Establishing a common law system of justice that promotes fair settlement to disputes is another way to establish authority.

Food will quickly become an important issue with most people as the collapse accelerates. Additionally, because it is not guaranteed that people in your area will have electricity or natural gas, cooking will potentially become problematic. Devotees can establish authority by organizing food security, production and food preparation. Later in this article, I’ll explore the need to be flexible with any plans, but it is important to establish authority in the food department. In our valley, we’ve identified the natural vaisyas and discussed the necessity to diversify their efforts. In our area, the most financially rewarding crops are hay and (I’ll just leave the other for your imagination). However, our climate and valley are very favorable for grains, root crops, squash and fruit (plums, pears, apples etc.). Only one farmer, in the next valley, grows grains and has a combine. The grain farmer has expressed willingness, in an emergency, to bring his combine to our valley, but it might not be possible due to fuel issues etc. Devotees can organize meetings with vaisyas to develop strategies for food production, storage, distribution etc.

Economics really is just the study of how people prioritize their activities/karma. We’ve all been conditioned by the economic assertions of the demons. We now have a chance to change that. This is a subject for a book that has already been written, Spiritual Economics, by Dhanesvara Prabhu. I suggest that any devotee who is interested in promoting varnashrama read this book. If we want a strong varnashrama civilization, it must be built on a strong foundation with clearly defined priorities. Authority can be established by presenting an entirely new perspective on priorities through economic systems and alternative currencies.


Most devotees are not prepared for what we are about to face. It is a result of the leadership not following Srila Prabhupada’s order to develop simple living, high thinking lifestyle farms and individual devotees’ desire to live what is perceived as a convenient lifestyle. If anyone reading this is living in a city or the suburbs, he/she should study his options and make flexible plans to be able to be in the strongest position possible to be able to help push on Lord Caitanya’s mission. Obviously if a devotee is lacking the basic necessities, and not prepared for what is about to happen, he will have a hard time convincing the karmis that he is an authority. So having an adequate supply of food for oneself and one’s family should be a primary preparation. In many situations, just having enough food to get through the following growing season and having seeds to produce food will be adequate preparation. However there are some important considerations to make when deciding whether to shelter in place and make your current neighborhood your preaching field, or whether to seek refuge in a more appropriate venue.


We can’t function without access to clean water. If you are living in a situation which is dependent of government supplied water, a very important preparation is to explore alternative sources of water. When I lived in Hawaii, we didn’t have a well (the water table is too deep), but it rains there, on average, 160 inches/year. We had a catchment tank that caught water coming off the roof. It was a big swimming pool, capable of holding thousands of gallons of water. However, we seldom used it because we had a secondary catchment, on the deck of the second story of the house, a livestock watering trough, that held up to 100 gallons. It rained so much that we didn’t even use the water pump for our water system, we just used the gravity flow from the second story.Where we’re living now (western Washington State), if you dig a 3-4′ hole for a fence post, most of the year, you’ve dug a well. Each situation is unique and it is important, for anyone wanting to be as prepared as possible, to really think about where water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and producing food is going to from if the government water system fails. Even if you have a well on your property, you should have a variety of ways to pump the water, should electricity not be available. On our property, with its 6’ well, we have a hand cistern pump, a 12 volt water pump and the regular electric pump. In a pinch we could put a foot valve on a wide PVC pipe and lower it into the well with a rope, like a village well, but narrower. If the static level of water in your well is too deep, getting water could be a challenge if you’re not prepared.

Water should be the first consideration, but there are other considerations, too. Fear is contagious, but benevolent behavior is also catching. Studies have shown that in catastrophic situations, people can either rise to higher moral standards or fall into decrepit behavior. If your neighborhood has a high percentage of people with low moral standards, it would make sense to relocate before the catastrophe hits. We have some meth druggies in our neighborhood. I’ve made it a point to get to know most of them (have even had them chanting Hare Krsna!) and don’t expect them to be a problem, especially when their drugs become unavailable. However, someone living in a high-density, low-income area might want to make immediate plans to relocate to a safer place.

Benefitting from Others’ Knowledge

We started learning how to produce our necessities about 15 years ago and made numerous mistakes that could have been devastating had we not had back up with the facilities available from the materialistic civilization. People who have to make the transition to a simple living, high thinking lifestyle without having the benefit of experience are likely to make serious mistakes in growing, harvesting and preserving food. Additionally caring for cows involves much more than anyone can learn from a book. Many devotees, if they are lacking in experience and/or common sense, would benefit from immediately finding a situation in which they can learn from people who are experienced in self-reliant skills.

Ideas for becoming a comfortable refugee

If you know someone who lives on a farm and has the knowledge and skills to be self-reliant, now is a good time to contact that person to see if you can make arrangements to take refuge on his/her farm as the materialistic situation deteriorates. I know that on our farm, if we were to be contacted by devotees who are aware of the seriousness of the present situation, we’d discuss options. Some devotees might want to store non-perishable food and other necessities on their designated refuge place. Other devotees might be able to purchase RVs or other shelters to ensure that they have comfort and privacy as chaos ensues in the materialistic civilization. We are looking at a mass die-off event and as it progresses, survivors will likely have their choice of real estate. Resources are likely to be a non-issue at some point as the numbers of dead exceed the ability of the heirs to disperse their inheritances.This article may seem alarming or excessively pessimistic to many devotees, but I assure you that it is based on Srila Prabhupada’s warnings to us. Mother Earth can no longer bear the burden of so many lies, so many thieves and so much insanity. Reality is about to hit the fantasy that the demons have been promoting through their absurd narrative.Anyone with questions or who wants to explore this matter further should contact us at: 360-496-0058 (landline—no texts!)About | New Nandagram Cow Protection (
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A mental exercise that will give you a glimpse of your future:

There is a question that you can ask yourself, and if you apply yourself to really examining the answer, you will be able to somewhat see your future. However this question is one that you probably can’t even formulate in your head because it is too scary to consider. My husband and I asked ourselves this question when we discovered that the official story of 9-11 and the undisputed facts of that event didn’t match. The answer to the question resulted in us taking up Srila Prabhupada’s instructions for the second half of his mission–the implementing of a simple living, high thinking lifestyle and the establishment of varnashrama. The question is: What would you do if there were suddenly no food in the grocery store and no gasoline at the pumps and the situation was likely permanent?

Most people today will not genuinely consider the possibility of a narrative in their lives in which food and fuel are not readily available in exchange for currency. However the mainstream narrative that is being promoted is one in which people are expected to acknowledge the reality of death and to contemplate just how wrong it is to behave in such a way that the people around you might die because of your unwillingness, for instance, to cover your face or stay 6 magical feet away. Continue reading

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TRANSLATION: The loud sound of the chanting of the Hare Krsna mantra certainly made the Kazi very much afraid, and he hid himself within his room. Hearing the people thus protesting, murmuring in great anger, the Kazi would not come out of his home.

PURPORT: The Kazi’s order not to perform sankirtana could stand only as long as there was no CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Under the leadership of the Supreme Lord, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the chanters, increasing in number, disobeyed the order of the Kazi. Thousands assembled together and formed parties, CHANTING THE HARE KRSNA MAHA-MANTRA and MAKING A TUMULTUOUS SOUND OF PROTEST. Thus the Kazi was very much afraid, as naturally one should be under such circumstances.
In the present day also, PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD MAY JOIN TOGETHER IN caitanya kaziTHE KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT and PROTEST AGAINST THE PRESENT DEGRADED GOVERNMENTS of the world’s godless societies, which are based on all kinds of sinful activities. Srimad-Bhagavatam states that in the Age of Kali, thieves, rogues and fourth-class people who have neither education nor culture capture the seats of governments to exploit the citizens. This is a symptom of Kali-yuga that has already appeared. People cannot feel secure about their lives and property, yet the so-called governments continue, and government ministers get fat salaries, although they are unable to do anything good for society. THE ONLY REMEDY FOR such CONDITIONS IS TO ENHANCE THE SANKIRTANA MOVEMENT UNDER THE BANNER OF KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS and PROTEST AGAINST THE SINFUL ACTIVITIES OF ALL THE WORLD’S GOVERNMENTS.

The Krsna consciousness movement is not a sentimental religious movement; IT IS A MOVEMENT for the REFORMATION OF ALL THE ANOMALIES OF HUMAN SOCIETY. If people take to it seriously, discharging this duty scientifically, as ordered by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, THE WORLD WILL SEE PEACE AND PROSPERITY instead of being confused and hopeless under useless governments. There are always rogues and thieves in human society, and as soon as a weak government is unable to execute its duties, these rogues and thieves come out to do their business. Thus the entire society becomes a hell unfit for gentlemen to live in. There is an immediate need for a good government–a government by the people, with Krsna consciousness. Unless the masses of people become Krsna conscious, they cannot be good men. The Krsna consciousness movement that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu started by chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra STILL HAS ITS POTENCY. Therefore PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND IT SERIOUSLY and SCIENTIFICALLY and SPREAD IT ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 17.141

The governments of the world are asserting their tyranny by mandating that people stay in their homes and refrain from activities that promote their well-being. Even if you believe the governments’ assertions about this so-called virus, its lethality is still within the parameters of the yearly flu. A rational response by reasonable governments would be to advise people with health conditions to take precautions and self-isolate, if they choose. Continue reading

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Global reset? What an opportunity!

If, two months ago, someone had told me that I’d be over at the neighbor’s house getting shotgun 026 smlessons on how to confidently load, aim and shoot our shotgun, I wouldn’t have scoffed and politely assumed that the person saying it didn’t know me very well.  Yet, there I was yesterday, shooting our Mossberg 12 gauge pump action and having a blast!  I love the menacing sound it makes as I chamber a round.

We live in a fertile, well-defined valley, where a high percentage of the inhabitants are long-time residents. Lately I’ve been going door-to-door with some flyers that encourage the neighbors to grow gardens for the coming inevitable economic collapse. Interestingly, in spite of my presentation wearing a sari and tilak, most of the neighbors are very receptive and have informed me that they already intended to grow food this year.  Many have also informed me of their proficiency with firearms and their willingness to use them in the event that law and order breaks down.  My neighbors seem to be interestingly comforted by having a Hare Krsna devotee appear at their door brandishing a flyer with the Maha Mantra printed on it.  It is almost as if Supersoul is giving them reassurance.

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In a crisis, listen to those who are prepared…

The last time I felt the atmosphere of crisis was in the morning of October 31, 1984. I was shopping for antiques in the crowded market, Chandi Chowk when suddenly a ripple of alert seemed to flow through the bazaar. The Indian guide with me told me, “our Prime Minister has been shot!”

I was perplexed about what to do: I was on a buying trip for the small boutique I ran and I had about 2 days’ more work to get done and plane tickets reserved. If I went back to the hotel, I’d lose a whole day. The guide was urging me to get off the street and the atmosphere did seem slightly menacing. Because I had my two year old daughter with me, I decided to err on the side of caution and took a taxi back to the hotel.

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Wake Up Call to Sleeper Cell Devotees

We heat our house with a wood stove. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, all the wood has burned away, and I have to start a new fire. This particular morning there was still a little heat left in the bottom of a mostly burned log. When I turned the log over, I fire 005could see that the under side was still smoldering, but in danger of going out all together.

I surveyed the meager resources available by the wood stove: a couple of pieces of junk mail; several pieces of small, very dry cedar former picket fence, and some not-quite-dry fir logs. It was very iffy whether I’d be able to get the fire roaring without having to bundle up and go out to the barn for more kindling.

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Design To Promote A Spontaneous Kirtan Lifestyle

I had a serendipitous inspiration to design a living environment that would promote spontaneous kirtans! The layout is a result of the last decade that my husband and I have been living a simple living, high thinking lifestyle and really experiencing what sattva guna is like. When I look at this design/layout, I can imagine myself walking across the courtyard that is ringed with flowers to share some extra corn from the garden, and coming across a group of devotees sitting under a tree singing a Bhaktivinode Thakur bhajan. I can easily imagine joining the singing and perhaps encouraging the singers to accompany me to my friend’s residence on the other side of the courtyard and even starting a circutious sankirtan event spontaneously.

Here is a rough sketch of the design:

Devotees who are part of the community will have living quarters that are adjacent to their work space for their service. For instance the weaver’s workshop will face the courtyard while the weaver’s living space will be behind with a patio/yard that opens to the pastures and gardens of the project.

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What I’ve Learned About Cancer and Srila Prabhupada’s Heart Attacks

 I discovered that I have a breast tumor about 3 years ago while I was showering. It was a shock. In that instant, as I was soaping my body, I realized that if I didn’t take some drastic action, I was likely to be having a change of bodies much sooner than I had anticipated.

It was just a small tumor, a hard mass about the size of the tip of my little finger. I realized that I would have to make some choices regarding whether to seek medical intervention or pursue trying alternative remedies. Naturally I would have liked to discuss my options with my husband but I realized that if I shared the reality of my situation that his mind would be horribly disturbed. The only other person that I could confide in was my daughter, but we had had an odd falling out the previous Christmas and we hadn’t spoken for months and months. Continue reading

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New Nandagram Society for Krishna Consciousness has recently launched a lawsuit against natural people who are either negligent or criminal with Srila Prabhupada’s copyrights.  The causes of action (reasons for the lawsuit) include:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty (being irresponsible with Srila Prabhupada’s property)
  • Accounting (not being transparent with Srila Prabhupada’s assets)
  • Conversion (theft of the copyrights from the BBT to a suspiciously similarly named corporation, the BBTI)
  • Conspiracy (defendants claimed, in court, that Srila Prabhupada never owned his copyrights)
  • Constructive Fraud
  • Fraud

Below is the text of the lawsuit.  It is necessarily written in legalese, but the main points should be quite clear:




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Are you a beneficiary of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust?

prabhupada2In 1972 Srila Prabhupada protected the copyrights to his books by placing them in a trust, He named the trust The Bhaktivedanda Book Trust, and in the founding document, he named himself, Bali Mardan Prabhu and Karandhar Prabhu as trustees. In the document, he gives instructions about how the funds generated by the copyrights are to be used and he names the beneficiary of the trust to be The International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Because he had incorporated The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in New York in 1966, most people who were aware of the trust and the corporation probably assumed that Srila Prabhupada was referring to the corporation named ISKCON. However, before his physical departure in 1977, there were probably over a hundred ISKCON corporations, so who or what did Srila Prabhupada intend to bemorning walk 3 the beneficiary of his trust? All the corporations? Just the New York corporation? Or some other entity entirely?
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