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Billy is happy that the winter killed an apple tree, Twasheek’s condition improving, seed saving and Ishan Prabhu’s realizations, “You are not this mind”:

Here are this week’s pictures with more detailed explanations below: 3., 4. The winter killed an apple tree on the electric company’s land and they let Billy take it.  He will make some nice turned bowls and carved spoons.  Apple … Continue reading

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After a long 5 months of confinement, the cows go out on pasture, peat experiment prelim results, avens for acid reflux

Below are this weeks pictures from New Nandagram, with more thorough descriptions below the slideshow: 1.-4.  We had to keep the cows in the goshalla and a small paddock over the winter because if we let them on the pasture, … Continue reading

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Poison in the peat moss?, Garden monster, Willow Bark Tutorial

We’re very concerned about what is happening with starting seeds in our seed incubator.  Last year I had a difficult time getting seedlings to grow and attributed the problem to a willow tree growing on the north side of the … Continue reading

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Raven abducts chick, horse update, willow bark medicine

 This time of year we’re mostly eating vegetables and fruit from last Fall.  I read a quote from a transcription where Srila Prabhupada discussed when he first encountered frozen vegetables.  He said he was intrigued until he tasted them and … Continue reading

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