Wake Up Call to Sleeper Cell Devotees

We heat our house with a wood stove. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, all the wood has burned away, and I have to start a new fire. This particular morning there was still a little heat left in the bottom of a mostly burned log. When I turned the log over, I fire 005could see that the under side was still smoldering, but in danger of going out all together.

I surveyed the meager resources available by the wood stove: a couple of pieces of junk mail; several pieces of small, very dry cedar former picket fence, and some not-quite-dry fir logs. It was very iffy whether I’d be able to get the fire roaring without having to bundle up and go out to the barn for more kindling.

Because I dedicate the early morning hours to really trying to be conscious of Krsna, as I layered the paper, dry kindling and logs, I couldn’t help but draw an analogy to the state of Srila Prabhupada’s Krsna Consciousness Movement. Like the smoldering log in the wood stove, the enthusiasm that was present during His Divine Grace’s physical presence is barely smoldering and in danger of going out all together. I realized that it was totally up to Krsna whether I’d be able to get this fire to light up without dedicating a good portion of my early morning sadhana time to the effort.

As it happened, apparently Krsna gave me the intelligence to use the resources appropriately, and within minutes there was a happy, dancing fire that would heat the whole house and enable me to concentrate on bathing, dressing and worshiping Theirfire 010 Lordships, Sri Sri Balajii and Giriraja.

Since we’ve been living this simple living, high thinking lifestyle, our life has been fraught with synchronicities, meaningful coincidences that remind me of the Supreme Controller. One such synchronicity came in the form of an e-mail sent to me recently by a friend. Here is the text of that e-mail, a quote from Srimad Bhagavatam:

“Transcendental service to the Lord is not mundane. The service attitude of the devotee gradually increases and never becomes slackened. Generally, in old age a person is allowed retirement from mundane service. But in the transcendental service of the Lord there is no retirement at all; on the contrary, the service attitude increases more and more with the progress of age. In the transcendental service there is no satiation, and therefore there is no retirement. Materially, when a man becomes tired by rendering service in his physical body, he is allowed retirement, but in the transcendental service there is no feeling of fatigue because it is spiritual service and is not on the bodily plane. Service on the bodily plane dwindles as the body grows older, but the spirit is never old, and therefore on the spiritual plane the service is never tiresome.

“Uddhava undoubtedly became old, but that does not mean that his spirit became old. His service attitude matured on the transcendental plane, and therefore as soon as he was questioned by Vidura about Lord Kṛṣṇa, he at once remembered his Lord by reference to the context and forgot himself on the physical plane. That is the sign of pure devotional service to the Lord, as will be explained later on (lakṣaṇaṁ bhakti-yogasya, etc.) in Lord Kapila’s instructions to His mother, Devahūti.” Srimad Bhagavatam 3.2.3

Sleeper Cell Devotees?

I have a friend who was formerly such an empowered devotee that he opened temples all over the world. He has counseled me that the devotees who were empowered to propagate the Krsna consciousness movement during Srila Prabhupada’s physical presence are now old and tired. He has likened them to the Veterans of Foreign Warsgbc meeting who parade, wave flags and talk about the old times and the fight they fought, but are ineffective with actually accomplishing anything in the present. I agree with him for the most part, but I’m beginning to also realize that there are what might be called “sleeper cells” of devotees who simply need to be awakened to again jump into the transcendental fray against the material energy.

Srila Prabhupada himself told us what he’d be doing if he had stayed longer physically: he’d develop the second half of his mission, the simple living, high thinking lifestyle, prabhupada varnashramaleading to varnashrama. However in spite of volumes of instructions on this matter, his followers have yet to successfully develop a single thriving simple living, high thinking community.

Without the support of the institution or our godsiblings, for the last decade, my husband and I have whole-heartedly taken up the lifestyle that Srila Prabhupada prescribed for his followers and we are gradually starting to develop a community. We care for cows as if they were family and strive to produce most of our necessities. As a result of being some of the very few devotees who have embraced this very


important lifestyle instruction, we feel that we’ve become blessed with realizations from Krsna. It is like Srila Prabhupada says in his original Hare Krsna Mantra and Address: “Krsna reveals Himself to such a sincere devotee.”

I’m not claiming to be sincere, but somehow I have taken up the prescription and am feeling the results of the remedy. Most devotees can’t imagine living in such a way that they have to go out and milk a cow twice a day regardless of the weather or how they feel. They can’t imagine having to figure out what they’ll be eating a year in advance and then actually do what is necessary to grow/product that food and preserve it in order to have tasty meals to offer Srila Prabhupada every day of the year. Most devotees prefer the false security of somehow procuring money and then turning that money into their necessities and desires.

One realization that I’ve had is that it would be almost impossible to become conscious of Krsna for a person who gets all his necessities by turning his labor into $$$ and then turning the $$$ into the necessities. This is especially true because Srila Prabhupada instructed us to live in such a way that our necessities come directly from Krsna. new camera 056Devotees should grow food, care for cows and depend on Krsna for absolutely everything. If such a concept is alarming, please consider the precarious state of affairs currently in the materialistic reality: viruses threatening to become pandemic, an economy built on never-ending “stimulus” that is likely to implode, a climate that is becoming more erratic, a highly unstable political scene that could easily go literally ballistic, a nosedive regarding the quality of food available and on and on. With such a perspective, Srila Prabhupada’s formula to produce your necessities locally within a cooperative community makes more sense than ever. Who wouldn’t want to awaken from his slumber to help achieve this vision of Srila Prabhupada’s.

A Treatment to Wake Up Sleeper Cell Devotees

There are a number of obstacles that sleeper cell devotees who were formerly empowered face when wanting to jump back in the fire. One of the biggest obstacles that devotees in older bodies have that hinder them from performing energized devotional service is their health. Fortunately Krsna has given me some realizations due to my journey with my own health challenge. It turns out that the aches and pains of old age, as well as much chronic disease are a result of incoherence in the electro-magnetic field around our body.

feet and tuning forks 003As devotees go through life, we sometimes act transcendentally and we sometimes fall prey to our materialistic conditioning. Additionally, due to our past karma, we sometimes experience trauma that is difficult for us to process with a transcendental understanding. Some of the destructive behavior that any conditioned soul engages in include making selfish decisions, keeping quiet when speaking the truth would result in personal difficulty, being egotistical, using others for sense gratification, and acting in other ways that we’d prefer to forget. Because our entire life experience exists in the akasha (ether), our negative experiences/choices in our life exist in our aura. This is because the akasha is Krsna’s interconnectivity and in it all things exist for all time, past present and future. The negative quality of the frequency of the experiences in a person’s aura result in an incoherent resonance. It is this incoherent resonance that leads to physical pain and chronic debilitating disease. The more life experiences you cram into your aura, (meaning the longer you live), the more dense the resonance of the negative experiences. A dense negative resonance results in pain in the physical body.

If this health considerations are a barrier to you being able to jump back into the fire of devotional service, I would like to help you dissolve this barrier. I am willing to offer a (free, of course) treatment to any godbrother or godsister who thinks that he/she mightfeet and tuning forks 002 be a “sleeper cell devotee”. Please e-mail me to set up an appointment, or call 360-496-0058. Since the work is done in the akasha, there is no need to be physically in my presence to receive the treatment. All you will be committing to is about a one hour conversation on the phone and the ability to admit that you want to again become empowered by Krsna.

Mental barriers are also easily breached by the treatment I’m offering. These barriers come in the form of any excuse your mind can make that will keep you from becoming empowered by Krsna.

Invalidity in old age cannot attack any follower of Narada Muni

As followers of Srila Prabhupada, we don’t have to suffer from debilitating disease:

“Combined and strengthened by the soldiers of Yavana-rāja—namely nonhygienic conditions, illicit sex and ultimately a high degree of temperature to bring on death—they would be able to smash the materialistic way of life. In this connection it is significant that Nārada was immune to the attack of jarā, or invalidity, and similarly jarā, or the destructive force, cannot attack any follower of Nārada Muni or a pure Vaiṣṇava.” Srimad Bhagavatam 3.27.30, Purport

About a year ago I started chanting some recommended prayers from the Sixth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Here is one of the prayers that I recite daily after worshiping my Deities:

yathā tvaṁ kṛpayā bhūtyā

tejasā mahimaujasā

juṣṭa īśa guṇaiḥ sarvais

tato ’si bhagavān prabhuḥ


yathā—as; tvam—You; kṛpayā—with mercy; bhūtyā—with opulences; tejasā—with prowess; mahima-ojasā—with glory and strength; juṣṭaḥ—endowed; īśa—O my Lord; guṇaiḥ—with transcendental qualities; sarvaiḥ—all; tataḥ—therefore; asi—You are; bhagavān—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; prabhuḥ—the master.


O my Lord, because You are endowed with causeless mercy, all opulences, all prowess and all glories, strength and transcendental qualities, You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of everyone. Srimad Bhagavatam 6.19.5

I’ve gradually come to realize that because Krsna is the “master of everyone”, and similarly everything that happens is sanctioned by Him. We are each going through our lives in such a way that Krsna is gradually arranging for us to eventually turn to Him and become conscious of His presence. While my hating myself for my part in my daughter’s trauma caused incoherency in my aura, when I accepted the event as Krsna’s lesson, I have been able to use the knowledge I gained from it to benefit myself and others.

When I am blessed by Krsna to be able to chant my rounds being conscious of Krsna, I can feel the akasha flowing through my body. This flow, coming from Krsna by His “causless mercy” has helped tremendously to free the incoherency in my aura. I’ve also learned a way to achieve coherency in the akasha using tuning forks that look exactly like tilak.

The healing protocol that I’ve been developing to help other devotees get back in the fire was started after reading a book by Eileen McKusick. McKusick noticed that when a tuning fork is activated (hit against a hockey puck), the resulting sound, when passed through a person’s aura varies significantly according to the location in the aura. These varieties of sounds are recognizable as emotions in much the same way that we can automatically recognize joyous, sad, angry or loving music. She found that by letting the tuning fork stay in a troubled area of the aura, that the body responds by tuning itself to the coherency of the frequency. She has developed a map of the aura that has enabled her to help people understand the events that have caused them blockages or disease. For instance she’s noticed that a person’s birth trauma is in the outer ring of the aura which is about 6 feet from the body. While most people don’t remember their birth, the resonance of the tuning fork when it encounters the outer edge of a person’s aura reveals the emotional quality of the experience.

A person who came into this lifetime, surrounded by welcoming relatives and love will have a resonance in that part of his aura that is very different than a person who was delivered into a situation where he was unwanted.

Similarly I can use the resonance of the tilak forks to work on other trouble spots and combined with meditation on the symbols on Krsna’s lotus feet can likely work out whatever has been keeping a sleeper cell devotee from being empowered.

So far I’ve had a number of amazing successes with the forks. One devotee had been feeling a debilitating pain from his ankle. It was threatening to keep him from doing the service he’d accepted. While I was working on his aura in the leg/ankle area (root cakra), I actually saw an ethereal shackle—like the old time shackles made from hand hewn steel. It was so thick that I could understand that it wouldn’t be shattered by the tuning fork. As I was contemplating what to do, I happened to think of Krsna’s lotus feet. I envisioned myself blowing the conch shell that is on the ball of His left foot and amazingly the ethereal shackle shattered. The devotee’s pain was gone after that single treatment and it hasn’t returned.

My husband told me, after an early treatment working on the trauma in his heart cakra that he felt like he’d been pruned.

I sincerely hope that any devotee who has made it to the end of this article considers him/herself to be a sleeper cell devotee and will call me for a treatment that will lead him to once again become empowered to spread Krsna consciousness. Please give me a call or write an e-mail and become empowered to again spread Lord Caitanya’s movement!

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Billy and I are endeavoring to live as locally as possible. We grow much of our own food, make cheese from our cow's milk and keep honeybees.
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