Global reset? What an opportunity!

If, two months ago, someone had told me that I’d be over at the neighbor’s house getting shotgun 026 smlessons on how to confidently load, aim and shoot our shotgun, I wouldn’t have scoffed and politely assumed that the person saying it didn’t know me very well.  Yet, there I was yesterday, shooting our Mossberg 12 gauge pump action and having a blast!  I love the menacing sound it makes as I chamber a round.

We live in a fertile, well-defined valley, where a high percentage of the inhabitants are long-time residents. Lately I’ve been going door-to-door with some flyers that encourage the neighbors to grow gardens for the coming inevitable economic collapse. Interestingly, in spite of my presentation wearing a sari and tilak, most of the neighbors are very receptive and have informed me that they already intended to grow food this year.  Many have also informed me of their proficiency with firearms and their willingness to use them in the event that law and order breaks down.  My neighbors seem to be interestingly comforted by having a Hare Krsna devotee appear at their door brandishing a flyer with the Maha Mantra printed on it.  It is almost as if Supersoul is giving them reassurance.

This is a great time for devotees to establish themselves as leaders.  A good leader looks out for the welfare of the citizens.  If we take this pre-SHTF opportunity to give some valuable advice regarding what is coming, when the S*&t really HTF, they are likely to be more inclined to accept guidance from someone who has already demonstrated that she is looking to their best interests.  I’ve told many neighbors that our long-term goal is to get the whole valley involved in parades where we chant the Holy Names of God.  Again, people are surprisingly receptive.  We’re not in Kansas anymore: we’re in a new reality.

I’m also talking to the farmer vaisyas and encouraging them to put in grain crops and other food crops rather than to just harvest hay and raise cows as is their current habit.  They are very receptive and have even agreed to have meetings at the fire station with more than 10 (gasp!) people attending.

Decide the role you want to play during the global reset

People are in a state of uncertainty and desperately hoping to return to the “old normal”.  Even devotees, unfortunately.  The reality is that the “old normal” wasn’t awesome at all.  Yes, people got accustomed to it, but most of that “normal” is antithetical to the real normal of Krsna Consciousness.  Here are some graphics to demonstrate this:



If you are a devotee and reading this, please understand that now is not a time to “wait and see” what happens.  We are in the middle of a global reset.  We are never going back to the “old normal”.  If you are failing to make plans for the future, you are planning to fail.  Anyone who is dependent on the grocery stores and gas stations for his/her lifestyle is likely to have his physical comforts severely disrupted in the coming months.  Please wake up!  Jiv Jago!  Now is the time to take up a simple living, high thinking lifestyle as though your life depended on it.  Because it does.

Please contact me for more information:  360-496-0058

About Anuttama

Billy and I are endeavoring to live as locally as possible. We grow much of our own food, make cheese from our cow's milk and keep honeybees.
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5 Responses to Global reset? What an opportunity!

  1. Vrajananda says:

    You should apply for a prep chair to the sleeping GBC.


  2. nitai-gaura dasa says:

    amazing article mataji! prabhupada said preaching is going to be good after the war and i am beginning to see this whole thing unfolding with my own eyes !!


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  4. Vishal says:

    Hari Bol!
    Dandavat pranams.

    Great article. Thank you for the advice.

    Hare Krishna!


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