A mental exercise that will give you a glimpse of your future:

There is a question that you can ask yourself, and if you apply yourself to really examining the answer, you will be able to somewhat see your future. However this question is one that you probably can’t even formulate in your head because it is too scary to consider. My husband and I asked ourselves this question when we discovered that the official story of 9-11 and the undisputed facts of that event didn’t match. The answer to the question resulted in us taking up Srila Prabhupada’s instructions for the second half of his mission–the implementing of a simple living, high thinking lifestyle and the establishment of varnashrama. The question is: What would you do if there were suddenly no food in the grocery store and no gasoline at the pumps and the situation was likely permanent?

Most people today will not genuinely consider the possibility of a narrative in their lives in which food and fuel are not readily available in exchange for currency. However the mainstream narrative that is being promoted is one in which people are expected to acknowledge the reality of death and to contemplate just how wrong it is to behave in such a way that the people around you might die because of your unwillingness, for instance, to cover your face or stay 6 magical feet away.

As followers of Srila Prabhupada, we know that the truth is that each one of us already has an appointment with Death. That time and circumstance is determined by Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The only way to mitigate this inevitability is to become an unalloyed servant of the servant of God. If we ourselves, or anyone with whom we come in contact, has the karma to suffer from symptoms of a disease, or to die, that is up to Krsna. While we should obviously take precautions to be clean, there is no need to be obsessive about washing hands or sanitizing. It is Krsna, not ourselves who determine who suffers, who avoids suffering and where and when each of us will change our bodies.

As you go through your life, you are influenced by people and events that you encounter through Krsna’s arrangement. Our mandate by our spiritual master is that we give our association to those souls who are unaware of the Absolute Truth. We don’t take their association. When devotees of Srila Prabhupada follow the ridiculous mandates promoted by the demoniac leaders, we are, in essence submitting to their authority—taking their association. The demons are practicing a sort of black magic in which they inform their victims of the truth (in this case that the so-called virus is about as deadly as the seasonal flu) and then mandate a ridiculous solution to the situation (in this case isolate everyone rather than just those who are vulnerable to the so-called disease). The demons do have a code of ethics in which they consider the biggest sin to be stupidity. Because they are letting their potential victims know that the so-called virus is only as deadly as the flu, if the potential victims submit to their solution, the demons consider that they have been given permission to enslave the victim.

The result of the imposed lock down is that the economies all over the world will crash. Actually it was already inevitable for the US economy to collapse due to the huge National Debt and the endless Quantatative Easing (currency inflation). The food supply chains have been broken because the farmer’s wholesale customers, restaurants, schools and concessions have cancelled orders. Farmers who relied on these large contracts have had to dump their harvests (or milk) and are suffering financially as a result. Many of the smaller ones will likely be unable to recover. Additionally the decades-old push to centralize the food supply has resulted in most food consumed in the US being shipped thousands of miles. As the transportation industry crumbles, again the food supply chain is eroded. If you are reading this and do not currently produce your own necessities, you are going to be affected by this strong narrative in the illusory reality. In the coming months, there will be ever so much more real suffering compared to the mostly mental suffering coming from the over-hyped cold virus and resulting mandates from the demoniac governments.

The demons have seized a huge amount of tejas (prowess) and have shown that they can imprison literally billions of people—locking them in their homes and denying them the freedom to care/think for themselves. Because Krsna is equal to both the demons and the devotees, this means that there is an even greater amount of tejas available for His servant’s servants. We should take this opportunity!

As followers of Srila Prabhupada, we are mandated to follow his example and use our ability to influence to promote consciousness of Krsna. Just as, in a game of chess, if one opponent makes a move, it affects the balance of power all over the board, similarly the demons have made a bold move with this manufactured crisis and the devotees can now take advantage of the openings made by the demons’ extraordinary move.

My husband and I have been implementing some strategies to put us in an even stronger position to favorably influence the people around us towards Krsna consciousness. But most devotees will have to first find a position of strength before they can implement similar strategies. If you are reading this and are unable to answer the question in the first paragraph, you can assume that Krsna wants you to think about what you’ll do when you are consuming that last bit of rice in the bag and rationing the things in your pantry that had been there for a while, but hadn’t been discarded yet. What will you do?

Billy and I are available for consulting. We have the answer to this question and for us the situation leads to an even more joyous lifestyle in which we, along with many of the inhabitants of our valley will be congregationally singing the Holy Names. Please write or call: anuttamadd@gmail.com 360-496-0058 https://newnandagramcowprotection.wordpress.com/

In the present day also, PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD MAY JOIN TOGETHER IN  THE KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT and PROTEST AGAINST THE PRESENT DEGRADED GOVERNMENTS of the world’s godless societies, which are based on all kinds of sinful activities. Srimad-Bhagavatam states that in the Age of Kali, thieves, rogues and fourth-class people who have neither education nor culture capture the seats of governments to exploit the citizens. This is a symptom of Kali-yuga that has already appeared. People cannot feel secure about their lives and property, yet the so-called governments continue, and government ministers get fat salaries, although they are unable to do anything good for society. THE ONLY REMEDY FOR such CONDITIONS IS TO ENHANCE THE SANKIRTANA MOVEMENT UNDER THE BANNER OF KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS and PROTEST AGAINST THE SINFUL ACTIVITIES OF ALL THE WORLD’S GOVERNMENTS.”

—Purport: Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 17.141

About Anuttama

Billy and I are endeavoring to live as locally as possible. We grow much of our own food, make cheese from our cow's milk and keep honeybees.
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