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Billy and I are endeavoring to live as locally as possible. We grow much of our own food, make cheese from our cow's milk and keep honeybees.

Birdy Bird

Birdy Bird’s life was not natural or normal. He was a pigeon. Pigeons always lay exactly two eggs, and if both eggs hatch, the parents both participate in rearing the two squeakers until they are able to fend for themselves, … Continue reading

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Protected: Prabhupada Farm Festival, July 27-29

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What a Simple Living, High Thinking lifestyle has Taught me about Mystic Powers

**Please note that I’ve gotten some feedback about this article that some people feel that they’re being subtly attacked while reading it.  You may feel itching sensations or pinprick sensations in different parts of your body.** As an analytical person, … Continue reading

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Simple Living and High Thinking: The Second Half of Srila Prabhupada’s Mission

It’s no secret that Srila Prabhupada wants the devotees to develop rural communities where they produce their necessities while centering their lives around Krsna.  That concept is right in the original articles of incorporation for ISKCON, purpose #6:  “To bring the members … Continue reading

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“Farm Surplus” stand opens, catching a bee swarm, Ra Ra’s skin condition, patty mats, Help!

Here are the latest pictures from New Nandagram with more detailed information below: & 2.  We decided to open a Farm Surplus stand for several reasons.  For one, we really do have more plant starts, dairy products and wood working … Continue reading

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First slugathon of the year, new pasture, rooster becomes hen, hang glider meets eagles: this week’s pictures from New Nandagram


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Billy is happy that the winter killed an apple tree, Twasheek’s condition improving, seed saving and Ishan Prabhu’s realizations, “You are not this mind”:

Here are this week’s pictures with more detailed explanations below: 3., 4. The winter killed an apple tree on the electric company’s land and they let Billy take it.  He will make some nice turned bowls and carved spoons.  Apple … Continue reading

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